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About the Tourism Chile

As one of the countries that enter the South American region and is flanked by the Pacific Ocean on the west side and the mountains of the Andes, the Chilean state has incredible natural beauty.

Geographically, the country of Chile has a width of not more than 150 miles. However, when calculated as a whole from North to South, then the length of Chile reached the 2,700 miles that passes through several climatic zones and a variety of superb views.

Expanse of desert, mountains, glaciers, vineyards, to the beautiful sandy beach, as if inviting us to explore more in this country when it was first set foot in the capital Santiago.

If interested, the lake country in the heart of the Chilean Andes and Easter Island (Easter Island) are mysterious, can be a first exploration of the beauty of the "Chile Wonderland," or the lake.

In the mountains you will find beauty Andeslah waterfall is amazing, complete with snow-covered landscape of volcanic mountains white. While on Easter Island, you will find traces of the past relics of the ranks of a large statue overlooking the sea.

After that, you can begin an adventure to the Cruce de Lagos, one of which has a similar style town in Bavaria. This is where you can take in hospitality and mingle with the local indigenous communities.

As a last visit, you can explore every corner of the city of Santiago. Every store in the city has the best quality in terms of local crafts at a price that is much better, including jewelry made from gemstones unique lazuli blue.

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