Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Intel Introduces Third Generation Processors

Company Intel officially introduced the Intel Core processor family is commonly called third-generation Ivy Bridge.

The new chip is believed to provide improved performance computing, visual display for gaming and multimedia usage.

Ivy Bridge is the first chip that uses tri-gate transistor 22 nanometers.

"It provides a number of advantages over previous generations of Intel processors," said Intel Chief Representative of Indonesia, Santhosh Viswanathan, Intel's office in Indonesia, Jakarta, Monday, May 28, 2012.

Thanks to technology tri-gate transistor is 22 nanometers, allowing the number of transistors packed into a single chip is increasing, because the distance between transistors only 22 nanometers.

Shantos said more than 1,000 transistors in a processor chip is the third generation.

With the growing number of transistors, the third generation of Intel Core processors are able to offer better performance than previous generations. One is to push the level of heat generated.

Another advantage is the improved 3D graphics performance and capabilities of high definition media processors up to two times more than the previous generation of chips.

The new chip delivers improved performance up to 10 percent of the microprocessor and capable of accelerating the flow of data from and into the chip.

Improved performance in this new processor comes from the structure of the format of three-dimensional transistor. Until now, computers, servers, and other devices still use two-dimensional planar transistor.

By adding a third dimension to the transistor, allowing Intel increased the density of transistors and adding more new features into each cubic millimeter of the processor.

Other updates are performed on Intel's latest processor chip is changing the architecture as well as minimize the size of the transistor base.

During this time, the usual Intel, the new production process was introduced in one year and then a new chip architecture followed.

In addition, third-generation Intel Core processor is powered by Intel HD Graphics 4000, which is capable of displaying graphics performance up to two times better than previous generation processors.

On this occasion, David Tjahjadi, Channel Platform Manager Intel Indonesia demonstrated the superiority of the latest graphics processors in the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with Full HD 1080p resolution.

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