Senin, 21 Mei 2012

This is the Stock Options Menu Monday

JCI in trading on Monday (5/21/2012) predicted to be influenced by the movement of stock indices in Indonesia as long holiday weekend in addition to news from Europe.

As stated by Panin Securities stock analyst, Purwoko Sartono, yesterday. From the technical side, the JCI is already quite deep decline. Oversold conditions on a few leading stocks also opened a potential rebound in the stock index.

"However we have not seen any bullish reversal signal. We projected the index moves mixed with a tendency to weaken in the range of 3930-4000 support-resistance," he said.

In trading Wednesday (16/05/2012), Jakarta Composite Index ended down 65.1 points or 1.6%, to 3980.5. Volume of trade 5.3 billion shares worth Rp 5, 5 trillion. A short trade from the long holiday weekend, the Jakarta Composite Index closed down. "Negative sentiment from China's economic slowdown and political conditions of Europe, especially Greece feared would make the recovery of the European crisis drag on," he explained.

While the senior stock analyst HD Capital, recommends buying shares Yuganur Wijanarko ENRG, KLBF, JSMR and ASII. ENRG with a target price for the 164 with a cut loss at 147. KLBF stock with a target to cut loss on 3925 3550.

While stock prices JSMR targeted in 5250 to cut losses in 4850. While the stock with target price at Assi to cut loss at 68 600 64 900.

According Yuganur, due to regional sentiments which tend to be negative from the Greeks wanted to get out of the Euro, JCI dowtrend finally began to enter the short-term phase. "Under these circumstances rapid trading recommendation on the stock to take into account the high PER cutloss point," he described.

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