Senin, 28 Mei 2012

Kagawa Rejected bid for Manchester United

Manchester United's bid to attract Shinji Kagawa of Borussia Dortmund is deemed not in accordance with the official that their stakes.

Manchester United are said to have made ​​a bid of £ 13 million (Rp188, 463 billion) to get Shinji Kagawa. Unfortunately, the value was rendered in accordance with the desired price Dortmund.

As reported by the Guardian, Dortmund midfielder aged 23 to fix the price was worth £ 16 million (Rp231, 955 billion).

Yet when buying Kagawa of the Japanese club Cerezo Osaka last two seasons, Dortmund transfer cost only £ 280 thousand (Rp4, 059 billion) alone.

The Red Devils mentioned going to bid again for the realization of their desires within two weeks.

The amount of MU wishes to bring to Old Trafford Kagawa seen when Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson took time to look straight appearance. Kagawa scored a success at Dortmund beat Bayern Munich 5-2 in German Cup final.

This season, Kagawa contributed 13 goals from 31 games and became one of the motor Dortmund in their midfield. Own Dortmund Bundesliga champion by a margin of eight points from Munich.

Kagawa is seen as being appropriate for a player brought to Old Trafford, where he is still young, still growing and can be pulled with a value that is not too high.

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