Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

Birthday Robert Moog, Synthesizer There on Google

Google Doodle again provide a unique look at the pages face on Wednesday, May 23, 2012. A synthesizer machine that can read if pressed tutsnya. The existence of the synthesizer engine to commemorate the birthday of Robert Arthur "Bob" Moog 122 years ago.

Who is Bob Mog? Birth May 23, 1934 it was the pioneer of electronic music. Born in New York, Moog began helping his father's music business in the 1950s. At that time, both building and selling theremins, electronic musical instruments at the time. Experience Moog theremins with his father would encourage him to design a Modular Moog synthesizer. Experiments in 1963 were not free of charge, for the next 12 months he had received orders synthesizer.

According to Google software engineer, Joey Hurst, Bob Moog synthesizer capable of producing a beautiful, rich, organic. "Almost 50 years later, many professional musicians consider Bob Moog synthesizer as a symbol of electronic devices," said Hurst.

If the opening page of Google.com, you'll find Bob Moog synthesizer machine equipped with a recorder. By pressing the keys of a synthesizer, you can assemble a rhythm. If you clicked the red button to record, the music that you can bundle recorded.

Short music produced not only can you hear yourself. Using the link, you will receive the Internet address of the tape storage. Google also let you distribute recorded music synthesizer to Google +.

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