Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Hazard's Choice Set

He still does not mention which club they choose.

Puzzle where the selected club Eden Hazard is likely to be known. Because the Belgian star said it was determine the choice.

However, he still does not want to open a club where they choose. The 21-year-old player is in the spotlight after three Premier League clubs, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City chasing him.

"Good evening all. I've decided. Bye, thank you," he writes in the Hazard Twitter account, @ hazardeden10 Sunday (27/5) night.

Of the three clubs, British media said the majority of Chelsea who have the greatest opportunity. Meanwhile, Manchester United also tried hard to persuade regulators to attack them. One was the "send" Patrice Evra to persuade Hazard.

Regarding prices, the possibility that the club should get Hazard reached 30 million pounds and pay the salaries of 170 000 pounds per week.

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