Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Manchester United and City Decline, Eden Hazard Select Join Chelsea

Expectation about where the club is so new port Eden Hazard finally revealed. Belgian midfielder reveal where the next destination after the pull of Lille. Strong indication, the club is Chelsea.

Previously, Hazard was only associated with the two big clubs from Manchester City. But after the Blues won the Champions League, Hazard began to make informed choices.

Monday (5/28/2012) morning, Tottenham Hotspur striker, Louis Saha has been suggested to be joining Chelsea Hazard. And the player had already promised to make a choice on this day.

The promise was kept, through his twitter account, @ hazardeden10, Hazard explaining his decision to join the club winning the Champions League crown. In this case, saying he is better, leading to Chelsea, though he did not mention clearly the name of the destination club.

"As I promised. I will join the European champions. I signed up with the winner of the Champions League," Hazard chirping on twitter.

If the cue Hazard actually prove it, meaning he will be the second recruit of the Blues after German midfielder Marko Marin.

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