Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

As popular as the island of Komodo will Pyramids of Egypt

Komodo National Park is believed to be popular like the Pyramids or the Spinx in Egypt. Jusuf Kalla expressed optimism this, after the Komodo was elected as the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

"I am sure, after this the Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy will support. Island of Komodo is going to be like the Pyramids or the Spinx," said
Jusuf Kalla, the chairman of the Foundation Board of Trustees of Komodo we, in a press conference in the building of PMI on Wednesday (05/16/2012).

Jusuf Kalla said the Komodo Island will be managed as an international attraction. Beach resort in the island's mainstay, but the animals Komodo Island.

To keep this ancient heritage, then the management will be more exclusive.

"Komodo number there are 4,000 on the island, but every day can only be seen no more than 10. Well, to see the dragons, then we will be enacted exclusively, whereas
open beach like Bali, "said Jusuf Kalla.

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