Minggu, 20 Mei 2012

Gratitude Danny Welbeck for Wayne Rooney

Danny Welbeck looks ready to face the European Championships later after good performances in the Premier League this season.

Manchester United striker is also without doubt Rooney praised as one of the reasons for the improved appearance of the season.

Welbeck revealed in The Sun, "I owe a lot to Wayne. He was a great friend and always gives a brilliant help to me. We really formed a great relationship. "

"And he is also remarkable in every game. He never stopped screaming in my ear, asking me 'Daniel This' and 'Daniel That'. "

"Wayne was like that. He called me Daniel in the field. Though others call me Danny. Meanwhile, outside the field, he called me Danny or Welbz. Do not ask me why. "

"I was very lucky he wanted me to continue to perform well and always try to advise what is best for me."

"You can not buy that kind of knowledge. He knows how to be a young player in the Premier League and also in England. "

"People may not see it, but he is a very good man. They just saw it on the field when he became a character full of passion and fiery. "

"But if you can really see him, you will see it as a very nice person."

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