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War Galaxies in Centaurus A

The photo below shows the Centaurus A, 'radio galaxies' closest to the Earth, which eat each other.

Wars galaxies: Pull the pull between the two systems

Astronomers now estimate that the Centaurus A galaxy is formed as a merger of two distinct - and these latest images support this theory. Dust trail in the new picture is expected to be released are the remains of a spiral galaxy torn apart by the giant elliptical galaxy.

This phenomenon will continue to appear in our sky and took hundreds of millions of years before the 'seizure of the galaxies' This is really disappearing.

Centaurus A is located about 12 million light years from Earth. It has a central black hole with a mass 100 million times greater than the Sun. Astronomers believe that black holes that produce the radio frequency is enormous, both produce a luminous nucleus and jet features.

Location of Centaurus A system of 'unusual'

European Southern Observatory telescope in Chile capture images of this galaxy for 50 hours. The images they get from the system displays the amazing detail that has been studied in such depth.

"Centaurus A is interesting because it is the nearest radio galaxy to us, making it easier to learn," said a spokesman for the European Southern Observatory Richard Hook to Yahoo! News. "There is a trail of dust around its center, which is actually a single galaxy is sucked by another galaxy."

"The image is actually a very long exposure, that shows a fairly smooth structure. This is the best photo of the Centaurus A system we've ever taken," he added.

Centaurus A got the name because he was the first radio source discovered in the constellation Centaurus in 1950. The first centaur discovered by British astronomer James Dunlop at the Parramatta observatory in Australia, on August 4, 1826.

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