Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

Children lecherous old man repeatedly sexually abused Bladder

Riadi (30) bear intercourse with her own child, Nr, is still sitting in 6th grade. Depraved acts that he did when his wife was not home.

Nr exposed when the incident complained of pain in the pubic to Vera (26), mother Nr. In addition, Nr always afraid.

After Vera tried to persuade her son to tell you, finally admitted to having fucked Riadi Nr. Nr was admitted five times Umor Riadi within one month.

"I suspect, when I caught him (Riadi) was spying on my child in the room," said Vera, who had three children together Riadi dikaruni and Nr is their first child.

Vera told, between she and her husband Riadi, it had not been for sexual relationships. In fact, sometimes only once in two weeks. In addition, Riadi seem indifferent to him, so there is suspicion.

"It is checked at the nearest midwife and my child is injured in his genitals," said Vera to the officer.

Nr of narrative to his mother, he had five times Umor in the house when her mother was going out to work as a laundress around.

Nr Umor four times in the last room and Umor in the bathroom.

Every time Riadi Nr intercourse, Riadi often threatened with a shard of glass shard and use hand clamped mouth Nr.

"The word Nr, prior to (Umor), Riadi had showed pornographic movies. Nr admitted last experienced on Wednesday (5/23/2012) in the bathroom," said Vera.

Meanwhile, the suspects are still undergoing Riadi in Perlindangan Unit Women and Children (PPA), was dodging and does not recognize the immoral act.

"Indeed he (the victim Nr) the child of me. I do not know, I feel reluctant to make mistakes and I only just. It's all done, then home again I'm lonely since his wife left the house to wash clothes at a neighbor's house. I was not abused," Riadi said.

Riadi officer arrested at his home Jl Seduduk White RT 09 RW 03 Ex 8 IT II, ​​on Wednesday (5/30/2012), while it is busy playing Play Station (PS).

When officers arrested leaders Kanit Pidum Iptu Nanang Suprayatna, Riadi who admitted working as a rickshaw puller to try going over the fence home run off with.

Palembang police chief Pol Comm Sabaruddin Ginting through visible
Criminal Commissioner Julianto Djoko said, officers have secured the suspect and are still in the intensive investigation of witnesses and suspects.

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