Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Attacking the paparazzi, Justin Bieber Police Examined

Teen singer Justin Bieber Los Angeles police investigators questioned because of reports of a paparazzi who have been beaten by Bieber in one of the shopping center. On those occasions, it was reported the singer's song Never Say Never try to seize the camera and there was a physical fight.

The fight was thought to occur because the photographer was trying to take a photo with the singer 18 years his girlfriend, Selena Gomez are just out of the movie The Commons at Calabasas Sunday, May 27, 2012.

Seeing his beloved emotion, Gomez was trying to calm Bieber. Also had an argument going on outside the car that attracted the attention of other pedestrians. After a quiet Bieber finally left the scene with the hand that covered his face as if ashamed of his actions.

Sheriff Robert Wiard said the paparazzi were called 911 after complaining of pain in his chest. The photographer was taken to a local hospital for treatment was given.

According to Wiard, Bieber and Gomez was gone when police arrived on the scene. So the police tried to request information Bieber chronological version.

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