Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012

Partner in China Bury Old Woman

Chinese police have arrested a young couple who buried alive an old woman because they believed he had died after their car hit a 68-year-old woman.

As reported in Chinese newspapers and quoted by Reuters, the case would cause public outrage of diminishing morale.

China Daily wrote the news of this young couple has just returned from a karaoke night when she struck a woman in the early morning, in Zhejiang province, in eastern China, which is very prosperous.

"A witness said he heard someone crying and saw an old woman lying on the ground, near the car," the story quoted from the testimony of the police.

"A man and woman came out and put the old lady in the car, said they would bring him to the hospital."

But, concerned that will be detained on charges of driving while intoxicated and causing an accident and they believe the victim was no longer alive, the young couple to bury the victims in the street.

However, police later discovered that the old lady was still alive when buried, and experience shortness of breath while buried until she died.

The case was widely discussed in the online service Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, and anger will lead to what some people say 'how immoral modern Chinese society'.

"These things show that our society has a big problem that we do not admit," wrote a user Weibo.

"The people of China, how do you get like this?" wrote another user.

China's economic boom and an increasingly wide gap between rich and poor has changed the social values ​​in China. Many see that materialism and attitude 'to get rich quick' already dominates, and eliminate the social moral.

Last year, the public also had to express his anger came from a video recording of children aged 2 years and ignored the van run over by people passing by in the south of China.

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