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The Queen Candidates in the Euro 2012 WAGs

Euro 2012 events in Ukraine and Poland began June 8 will be shocked by the presence of wives and sweethearts players or WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends). They will provide support for husband present, and the couple's favorite teams are all out.

Of the many WAGs who will be present at the grand event, there are some that could be considered would be a queen candidate. Who are they?

In any organization of Euro 2012 we could not miss England. This team will be led by Steven Gerrard, the Liverpool players. Steven certainly will have the full support from Alex Curran, wife. Arguably, the most WAGs Alex is a senior figure in the ranks of England WAGs.

Alex is expected to be the audience's attention membetot Euro 2012 because of her sexuality. Despite having given birth several times, Alex still charming. Alex had been one of several commanders WAGs at the World Cup in Germany last, along with Victoria Beckham and Coleen Rooney, although their behavior in this event had been accused of outrageous and embarrassing because of their party title in this event is to pair them so loss of concentration.

Born on 23 September 1982, Alex is known as the British model. The girl who also have a perfume business with her own label is also the author of the article (columnist) in the Daily Mirror. In 2007, The Times never named as the ├╝ber-WAG Alex.

The legend says Alex with the England WAGs already booked the hotel for their stay during Euro 2012. Coleen Rooney with Alex, Christine Bleakley, and Toni Terry reportedly will stay at a hotel the same.

WAGs are also going to draw public attention to Euro 2012 is Sara Carbonero. He was the beloved Spanish captain Iker Casillas. Not just a pretty face and sexy body, Sara is also a brilliant brain.

Everyday he is known as a sports reporter and presenter on Spanish television station, Telecinco. The questions which he handed to the interviewees, both coaches and players, always sharp. He also did not hesitate to interrogate his own beloved Real Madrid goalkeeper, Iker Saint, who let the ball from the opponent until soft scored a goal against Spain when Spain against Switzerland at the 2010 World Cup ended with the victory of Switzerland.

At that Sara dropped directly into the field reports and interviewed Iker coverage before and after the match. Adult men's magazine FHM U.S. edition in July 2009 once the above position to favor Carbonero Erin Andrews (ESPN presenter) in the list of sexiest female sports reporter. March 2012, the magazine published by the Spanish, Lecturas, be the first preaching engagement with Sara Carbonero Iker Casillas.

There is another figure of Alena Seredova. Czech top model currently living in Italy this is the beloved Italian captain, Gianluigi Buffon. The couple had two children. Alena exact figure will also take a lot of attention of the audience Euro 2012 because of her sexuality.

Of the German national team, figures to be the Queen of WAGs featured none other than Claudia Schattenberg, wife of the German captain Phillipp Lahm. Before marriage, the couple had a long courtship, before he married in a small town Aying, near the city of Munich, Germany four days after a successful third-place winner in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Windmills of the country, a figure that would WAGs membetot attention is Andrea, wife of Mark Van Bommel, the Dutch national team captain. Meanwhile, the Russian national team players, will support the spirit of Julia Arshavin, the Russian captain partner, Andrei Arshavin

The couple met in the summer of 2003 and then decided to live at home. After 3.5 seasons at Arsenal grazing her husband, she must swallow all his words before. Andrey and Julia who are tennis enthusiasts a predicate called David-Victoria Beckhamnya Russia.

Many other WAGs who will become a byword for Euro 2012 is Irina Shayk, the Russian model of a lover Portugal captain, Cristiano Ronaldo. Since Ronaldo's lover, model birth Yemanzhelinsk, Russia, has become uah lip-pose as pose a challenge in various media as well as famous names Ronaldo as one of the world's three best players.

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