Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

Catch Her daughter's father came home Work Having Sex

AM (32) reported HA, her boyfriend, to Mapolres Prabumulih, Texas, Tuesday (05/15/2012).

Cause, AM HA was caught fucking his daughter. At that time, the new PM to go home at around 2:00 pm.

As usual, when I got home, AM did not go straight to bed, but sitting in his living room while enjoying a cup of warm water.

Accidentally, AM heard a sigh, a sigh from her beloved daughter's room. Intrigued by the voices, AM approached his son's room.

Having ascertained that the sound comes from his son's room, PM directly to break the door the room.

How shocked and angry when he saw his daughter and AM HA center does nasty like married couples, with a naked condition.

Not accept the acts committed by HA, HA AM immediately securing, and call other family members. Because of embarrassment, PM directly report the matter to Mapolres Prabumulih.

Criminal Police Prabumulih invisible Linga AKP Raphael accompanied Kasubbag Ipda Fortunately S Public Relations, justify it. Lingga said the reports of victims recorded in the police report number LP/B/130/V/2012/POLRES PBM.

"When the report, submitted directly reported by the parents, and his case is being handled by the PPA unit. If proven true, then reported the crime charged under the age of sexual intercourse, even if they do so on the basis of consensual, "said Linga.

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