Kamis, 31 Mei 2012

Men sexually abused children Snotnose depraved

I wonder what is in the mind of Gordon Pardede. As if dark eyes, middle-aged men who work as part time teachers are abusing, minors. In fact, this immoral action he did in front of the victim's mother.

Gordon depraved actions carried out earlier this year. Victim's mother, Mery Wati new Tarigan ventured into Mapolres Siantar reported on Tuesday (5/29/2012) yesterday. Mery is a citizen of Titi Street Village bulb of the Red River, Subdistrict Tanjung Morawa, Deli Serdang regency.

Information obtained in Mapolres Pematangsiantar mention depraved action takes place at home part time teachers in the hallway I Jalan Jati Linggar BDB, Village Siopat Temperature, Eastern District Siantar.

Revealed, after doing immoral acts, Gordon gave the victim money in order not to talk to anyone. Gordon, if proven to be charged under Article 81 (2) subs 82 Law No 23 of 2002 on Protection of children.

While in Pollewali Mandar, seoran civil servants (PNS) Sury, reported her husband, Rudy, to the police for allegedly having an affair with Nur, a former student of her husband's girlfriend.

Sury Nur was caught in her dorm room. Objected to the attitude of Rudy and his mistress Nur Sury finally complained to the police case. Investigators told the police Wonomulyo, Polewali Mandar, Tuesday (05/29/2012), Sury said he did not receive treatment that bear her husband's affair.

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