Senin, 21 Mei 2012

Watch out Want to Have a Baby Too Make Men Impotence

London - Soon to have children is the desire of many couples. But be careful, a strong desire to have children to create their own pressure can lead to impotence in the husband.

Based on the survey Bridge Fertility Centre in London, four in 10 people suffer from some type of erectile dysfunction after six months persenggamaan set so that the couple can get pregnant.

"Stress affects both partners, and how they handle this can affect their relationship and more impact is on their physiological difficulties," said Dr Simon Fishel, director of the institute.

Perhaps more surprising, the researchers also found that the pressure was even led to the affair. As many as 10 percent of men claimed to find another love to avoid this pressure.

The study, published in the Journal of Andrology this, urged doctors to warn couples about the loss of'' technique'' to set the time of intercourse. "Physicians should recognize the potential harm to the man," said one of the conclusions of the study. "Both men and women also have to be careful about the possible increase in erectile dysfunction, and sex outside of marriage with this method."

Simon Fishel said the study was "important". Speaking to The Independent Sunday edition, in which the findings were first reported, he said, this study further highlights the social and psychological impact of infertility and its treatment, things that had never previously revealed.

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