Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

Edwin van der Sar message to David de Gea

Edwin Van Der Sar said David De Gea could be a Manchester United legend.

De Gea menjani inaugural season full of ups and downs at Old Trafford after Sir Alex Ferguson paid 17.8 million pound and make it the successor to Van Der Sar in the summer.

And Van der Sar said in The Sun, "It may be hard to follow, this could all happen. People compared with Schmeichel, now might be my turn. "

"De Gea should ignore it and be able to play his own game."

"Eric Steele, goalkeeping coaches, and managers will help him and hopefully next season he will be ready from the beginning."

"David is getting a lot of criticism last season. But I also made ​​an error in Ajax as a youngster and also when playing at Juventus and United. "

"The most important thing is how you get up in the next game, or the game itself."

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