Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012

Follow East countries critique Indonesia in Geneva

Executive Director of the Human Rights Working Group Refendi Djamin said, in a forum Universal Periodic Review at the Human Rights Council session in Geneva, not only countries from the Americas and Europe are critical of Indonesia. "The countries of East Asia, too, aka Indonesia-related criticism of religious freedom," said Refendi, as the giver of the recommendations of Indonesia, via video conference, Thursday, May 24, 2012.

Refendi say, one of the country which is a surprise to critics of Japan. The reason for this, the Japanese rarely leave a comment related to the protection of human rights, especially religious freedom.

Japan, said Refendi, said that Indonesia should immediately take action against violations of human rights or religious freedom in Indonesia. In fact, Japan demanded that the perpetrators are brought to justice immediately.

Besides Japan, Pakistan also critiqued. Pakistan provide comments related to the existence of Ahmadiyah in Indonesia. This, according to Deputy Executive Director HRWG Choirul Anam, is unique because Pakistan was in trouble with the status of Ahmadiyah in their region.

"Until Pakistan called the Ahmadiyah, that means the problem of Ahmadiyah in Indonesia are alarming. May they also handle cases of Ahmadis in their region," said Choirul

Timor Leste and Singapore come to give criticism and advice to Indonesia. Singapore sent a criticism related to race and tolerance between religious communities. While Timor-Leste, talked about the improvement of military justice and the search for justice for cases of human rights cases that have been done Indonesia in East Timor. "Timor Leste is very subtle in their criticism and wrap their input," added Choirul.

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