Senin, 21 Mei 2012

Film The Raid invaded Britons

People are willing to queue ticket.

Since Friday (18/5) have different views on some of the cinemas in the UK. A number of British citizens flocked to watch the movie The Raid, starring Iko Uwais. Since Friday night, the movie The Raid was played simultaneously in several regions in the UK.

This was revealed by Berry Natalegawa movie watchers are now settled in London, England.

"Of course, very proud, to see the response and a very positive opinion of the media in the UK," he said today.

He admitted, witnessed, if the audience of The Raid in England are very impressed and satisfied to see the film was made by Gareth Evans. Even to witness the show Iko Uwais martial arts martial arts, Britons willing to queue to see the premiere of the movie The Raid on Lencester Square, London.

The Raid movie being advertised on television and in the underground station in London managed to attract the attention of British society.

Metro newspaper in the movie The Raid resensinya writing offers the appeal of films made ​​with low budgets and authentic martial arts of Indonesia.

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