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The duality of competition and Organization Making Difficult Players

Jakarta - The professional soccer players in Indonesia said the duality of competition and organization that occurred in the parent organization's national soccer players makes it difficult.

Chairman of the Association of Professional Players Indonesia (APPI) Ponaryo Astaman in Jakarta on Monday said the players hope after organizational problems to be solved, in the future there will be only one league to take shelter under the PSSI.

"IFSA expects and supports the stewardship of one league in one federation in Indonesia which is legally recognized under the auspices of FIFA to manage a professional football Indonesia," he said.

Several members of the APPI held a meeting to discuss the current situation relating to dualism and dualism competition led organization that PSSI PSSI Djohar Arifin and board leadership of La Nyalla Mattalitti as a result of the Extraordinary Congress which was attended by 81 owners of valid votes.

Stressed, professional football players who are members of APPI hoped that issue could be resolved quickly, if not, then the fate of the players became erratic.

The meeting was attended by representatives of 13 Indonesian Premier League (IPL) and several club Indonesia Super League (ISL) that each express his thoughts in observing the latest developments, which under the leadership of PSSI Djohar Arifin being threatened with sanctions by the FIFA deadline 15 June.

IFSA members were later issued a statement saying that they feared his football development in Indonesia is no longer conducive and detrimental to the players.

Separately, FC midfielder, Firman Utina said problems that occur in the body of football federation today is marginalize the existence of the players.

Not only financial issues, the fate of the players are also threatened by the existence of chaotic the bleak.

"Impact is very much like the player salary issue is more difficult as yet uncertain federation issues. Then, if indeed there is one league will be disbanded, that means also a victim of the players. This is what we are talking to us to convey to the federation," The Word says.

Word adds the impact of dualism and the dualism of the management organization of the league has been very ensnare the players, where the salaries of the players are not paid on time and in danger of no longer get a new club if at odds with club policy.

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