Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

United's Evra Able to Rise Again Convinced Upcoming Season

Patrice Evra did not believe that an era will end when Manchester United lost the championship title race with Manchester City this season.

The Red Devils currently have points in common with their rivals are. But they are very far behind in goal difference. Therefore, United need help from QPR will come to Etihad Stadium next Sunday and try to take advantage of any errors made ​​by the City won the match against Sunderland.

The fact that Sir Alex Ferguson's troops had a chance to lead eight points just five games ago, it clearly becomes a poor condition for the players who were on United at the moment. But Evra was not sure needed to be wholesale changes at United, and confirmed that the current squad is strong enough to stand up next season.

He said on Sky Sports, "I know that if we fail to win the league then many people would say this is the end of an era and asking how we would survive. But there is so much talent on this club. We have to face a lot of injury problems and loss of experienced players in the summer and not easy to get a solution quickly. "

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