Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

Assad: Syrian Army Foreign worsen situation

In his first interview since December, Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad affirmed his regime is fighting against foreign troops who wanted to overthrow him.

Interview with Russian television, Rossiya-24, suggesting Assad still survive despite widespread international condemnation of the crackdown which he did.

"Foreign troops had been arrested and we are preparing for their show to the world," Assad said Thursday (17/5).

He also warned other countries intervened in Syria. Although no details, refer to the words that caught smuggling Iranian weapons to Syria via Turkey and Lebanon. "Who will be exposed to sow chaos," he said.

The United Nations estimates the death toll to March Assad regime reached more than 9,000 inhabitants. Liberation Army is targeting the fall of Assad's Syria, launched attacks on military checkpoints and government buildings.

Assad (46) deny there is a desire of the people behind the rebellion and said extremists and foreign terrorists that led to rebellion. While Assad's opposition to the claim laughable.

The opposition says the attacks of the regime that makes the protesters were forced to take up arms. "No foreign troops in Syria. Opposition does not need it because all the people of Syria took to the streets. This is a revolution that made ​​the people of Syria," said activist and author of Jordanian institutions in Syria, Rima Fleihan.

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