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Honeymoon in Rome, Mark Zuckerberg - Chan Joyless

ROME-The husband and wife Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are spending their honeymoon in Rome, Italy. But the founder of Facebook and his new wife married a dozen these days do not look happy.

Caught a number of media, was sitting in a crowd of visitors at a restaurant in the heart of Rome, Mark looks gloomy. He looked at her straight. While Chan was just looking at the floor. Expression, are equally gloomy.

As quoted by the Daily Mail, during the honeymoon, Facebook CEO and his wife is seen in a number of attractions. Monitored their honeymoon trip to local residents, not on Facebook but twitter. They also look at the Church of the Sistine Vatican, Spanish Steps and The Restaurant Eaten in Pierluigi built since 1938 and Colleseum.

Mark married his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan on Saturday, May 19, 2012. A simple sacred ceremony took place in the garden behind her house in Palo Alto, San Francisco. Zuckerberg and Chan invited about 100 guests. The hotel was originally thought, it was a graduation party Chan of medical school. Many were surprised, if it turns Chan, and Zuckenberg celebrate their wedding.

Although Zuckerberg is a multi-billionaire, he gave his wife a diamond ring two rocky marriage. The ring is estimated to be worth 25 000 U.S. dollars or 232 million dollars.

Current boss about the problem whipped up this melorotnya stock price up from its inaugural offering price (IPO). Social networking is losing billions of dollars over this incident. Facebook's stock price continued to decline until the U.S. 31 dollar from the initial price of 38 dollars.

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