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Beautiful Women and the Old Lady of Mount Salak

A number of climbers and rescue teams who participated in the search for the Sukhoi aircraft at Gunung Salak has a magical story experience. Starting from violating the prohibition to pick flowers with beautiful women having sex dreams.

A person who joined in a team on the first team deployed to Mount Salak described his experiences at an altitude of 1700 feet, the last outpost not far from the point coordinates of the plane crashed on Saturday morning, May 12. He and nine other team members had a strange dream while asleep.

"We have a wet dream at the same time," he said.

Surprisingly, he went on, dream all members of the squad is pretty much identical. At first they met a beautiful young woman dreaming of a house on top of the mountain. "She regaled us water to drink," he told me.

Not long ago, they immediately asked for a break. But in the house, there were many women who are not less beautiful in that greeted earlier. After that, the women make love they should husband and wife.

But he admitted that he would not be surprised by such events as the famous Mount Salak with magical stories. "Well, we understand it."

Another story of a climber who had explored Mount Salak. Now he joins the team as a volunteer SAR search Sukhoi victims. Ahead of the climb, he consulted with many communities around the volcano. "Many of the prohibition," he said.

He claimed to have ignored the prohibition of the population not to take the orchids while climbing a few months ago to Mount Salak. Understandably, he said, there are many different types of orchids are quite beautiful.

But what is happening. His team lost when I want to go home. Throughout the day they are just spinning in the top Salak repeatedly until the evening.

Orchid is also stored in one place, his team then evening prayers. After the prayer team to continue the journey back home. "It was way back when we only covered twig had several passes in front of the stick," he said, shaking his head.

He also claims to have met an old lady about 80 years old at the top of the mountain. Stooped old woman who had walked alone in a field wearing only thin clothes.

"We asked him where Nek, he said only the streets," said the statement he mimicked the old lady.

When asked where he lived, the old woman said simply, "Here, kid." The old woman refused to transfer to the foot of the mountain. This climber continued the old woman then said, "I love it here because of crowded at night, I love to eat them often," without specifying who they are intended.

Surprisingly again, said the climber, the Java language Grandma thick, whereas the majority community in the foothills of Sundanese language. "We left the old woman alone," he said.

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