Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

Obesity Cat Named 'Meow' Deaths

A cat that caught public attention after reaching 17.69 kg weight died from complications due to excessive fatness on Monday (7/5) last. Obese cat named Meow death from New Mexico was reported by the animal shelter where she underwent treatment.

Meow orange and white, age between 2-5 years. He was taken to animal shelters Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society last month after a 87-year-old owner can no longer take care of it.

Placing the animal shelter Meow in the diet and inform the penimbangannya it on his Facebook page which later became popular in the United States.

Meow had lost 0.9 kg and in good health when later she suddenly experienced respiratory problems on Wednesday last week, according to the animal shelter director Mary Martin.

Meow was then undergoing a series of tests, including X-ray and ultrasound of the heart, and respiratory assistance was given oxygen.

Although the place shelter  animals provide a variety of medical assistance, Meow still died on Saturday.

"It was shocking and sad for us all," said Martin who heard her crying in the Associated Press. "We all fell in love with him."

According to Martin, many people from various states in the United States directly contact the shelter after news Meow into national news. Many told stories Meow inspire these people to impose a diet for pets, including themselves.

Meow is not clear how it could be that heavy, but according to Martin, the weight of Meow is a combination of high-calorie diet and rarely moves. In comparison, adult cats usually have a weight between 3.1 kg to 5.4 kg.

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