Kamis, 10 Mei 2012

Sukhoi aircraft crashes in Mount Salak

Rescue Coordinator PT Dirgantara Indonesia Bambang Munardi estimates that Sukhoi Superjet-100 crashed. So far, the allegations as the plane crashed due to enter a vacuum.

Bambang explained that the aircraft likely entered the vacuum chamber at an altitude between 10,000 feet to 6000 feet. The aircraft was known had asked for permission to Airport Control Tower Halim Perdana Kusuma to lower altitude of 10,000 feet to 6000 feet. "Get down drastically in a relatively short time. Very difficult aircraft to survive in that condition," he explained.

In such conditions, he added, the pilot must have special skills to stabilize the aircraft. In addition, the aircraft must also have the technology to solve this problem. "We do not know the record of the pilot and the capability of this technology Sukhoi aircraft.

Adverse weather conditions due to storms in the China Sea region also has a direct impact to the region of Mount Salak is contoured mountains. "As a result of air turbulence and frequent unavailability of the vacuum. It's very dangerous to aviation," he said.

Location of the plane fell an estimated 2 miles from the village of Cidahu. "We're breafing to the location there," he explained. The plane lost contact since yesterday at around 14:33 pm in the vicinity of Mount Salak.

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