Minggu, 13 Mei 2012

Sukhoi Pilot Parachutes Still Wear

The body of the pilot allegedly Sukhoi Superjet 100, Alexander Yablontsev finally found. This is the only bodies of victims found in the intact condition.

"Pilot's body was found in the intact condition. Was found around 10:00," said a member of SAR team of Special Forces in the Field Croquet, Sand Pogor, Cijeruk, Bogor, on Saturday (12/5).

This conjecture remains found belonged to the pilot of the clothing is worn. "This is evident from the clothing worn. His body was not destroyed," said the SAR team to be named.

Charlie Team member, Sergeant Abdul Haris, said the allegation that because there is a parachute pilot who is also stuck in a tree. "Is not that the pilot chute must be prepared," he said around the crash site, Curug Nangka yesterday.

The second indication, the faces are still recognizable, white skin, her hair a different color of Indonesia. "That's the Caucasians. Condition the waist down partly destroyed. The back of the head were also destroyed," he said.

Officers also discovered the identity of the wallet in his pocket.
Of the many body bag that was evacuated and flown to Jakarta, only the pilot's body is a shape from the outside looks are still intact. The curve of body bags were also seen in general body shape.

At present, the body of a senior pilot with more than 14 thousand hours of flying had been transported to the helicopter rescue team Halim Perdanakusuma air base. A total of 1300 flight hours with Sukhoi Superjet obtained Yablonstsev 100.

Sukhoi Superjet 100 is a demonstration flight on Wednesday (9/5) lost contact at 14:33. This aircraft had requested at an altitude of 6,000 feet down to the Aero Soetta Airport Traffic Center, Jakarta. On Thursday (10/5), the wreckage was found scattered on a cliff on Mount Salak, Bogor.

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