Minggu, 13 Mei 2012

There Sacred Tomb Evacuation Teams Do not Talk Gratuitous

Casualty evacuation team of Russian Sukhoi Superjet 100 asked by citizens from speaking and indiscriminate urination in place overnight, ground helipad SMP Cijeruk, Bogor.

Residents warned about, there is a shrine Raden Giri Jaya, located not far from where the Russians had stayed overnight.

The request was submitted by a great-grandson of Prince Giri Jaya, Dian (23), when I learned of the Russian team set up tents and spend the night on the ground helipad at 20.00 pm.

According to Dian who also became a boarding school students in this Cihideung, great-grandfather's tomb has over a hundred years old. And a number of mystical events often occur in approximately 1 Cijeruk junior soccer field.

According to him, one junior high school students possessed by spirits Cijeruk often. "The East of the soccer field was the shrine, the tomb of Prince Giri Jaya. It was my great-grandfather's tomb," said Dian.

Not only that, Dian also revealed that several local people saw a little boy showing his form around the tomb. In fact, a man suddenly appeared at the crossing when there are several motor cross train hobbyist.

"The incident is still very clear mystical here. Believe it or not, I'm asking the guests who come here, like the Russians who just came to talk and not just pee," she pleaded.

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