Jumat, 11 Mei 2012

Facebook Open Online App Store Application Center

Facebook getting ready to launch its own application store called App Center. Online store, which will accommodate special applications that are running applications on social networking, targeting mobile device users.

Facebook, as reported by the BBC on Thursday (10/5) said App Center will be "new and centralized place to find cool applications such as application Somtehing Draw" and others. In the near future the developers can also take advantage of the application made ​​by them are sold there.

The announcement came after Facebook recognizes that the growing use of mobile devices could threaten their advertising revenues in the future.

"If users access the Facebook mobile as a substitute for access via the computer, and if we do not successfully implement a financial strategy for our social networking users (market) mobile, or if we issue a cost too great for this effort, financial performance and our ability to boost profit will be negatively affected, "said a spokesman for Facebook to prospective investors before the IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Facebook, via his blog says App Center will be launched globally next week by week.

"The developers should start getting ready now to ensure their applications are included in the launch," he said Aaron Brady, Division of Facebook Mobile App Center, the official Facebook blog on Thursday (10/5).

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