Minggu, 13 Mei 2012

Fire in the Sky Indonesia: Cellular and Phone Sex

Senior Garuda Indonesia pilot Jeffrey Adrian complaint reveals many foreign pilots when flying in the sky Indonesia. Area Air Indonesia, in the assessment of foreign pilots was like hell for them. "They told me like hell," said the discussion in Cikini, Jakarta, Saturday, May 12, 2012. "Called to hell for a lot of radio frequency leakage and cell phones"

Therefore, according to Jeffrey, many radio broadcasts and telephone seepage into the wheelhouse plane. As a result, pilot flight activity disrupted. "We often hear the song dangdut, drama, jazz, enter our frequency" said Jeffrey, who was the pilot of the drivers. "Specific conversation between individuals is also heard. In fact I've heard of phone sex voice above the plane of the wheelhouse, "

Leaking of that frequency would not want to make the pilot must ekstrakonsentrasi when coordinated with air traffic control tower (ATC). "I entered the gates of hell, have full concentration to listen to ATC ​​instructions," he said.

Jeffrey explains, the frequency can be leaky because many who prefer a radio transmitter amplifies the signal, rather than add to the transmitting station. In contrast, ATC is generally only have three back-up frequency. This causes the pilot often find "blank spot".

Cell phone signal interference assessed Jeffrey meager compared to the frequency of leaks. According to him, a cell phone signal is sometimes annoying steering system. But, he said, since the initial pilot has been trained for such interference is not affected.

"For us, though less extreme conditions, without the instruments that help, we have to stay in control of the aircraft. We should not be affected in a burning mobile phone signal, "he said.

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