Senin, 14 Mei 2012

Israel and Palestine Peace Through hints Letter

Peace between Israel and the Palestinians would likely be realized. This after an exchange of letters that made ​​both parties for peace.

Proclaimed by Reuters on Sunday (05.13.2012), Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a reply letter to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

As the delivery of a reply, Israel envoy named Isaac Molcho and Palestinian sides, represented by Abbas, agreed to peace in the mail.

"Israel and the Palestinian Authority is committed to peace. Both parties expect, the exchange of letters between President Abbas and Prime Minister Netanyahu, will assist with this," they said in a statement.

Earlier, Abbas sent a letter to Netanyahu, related to disappointment over the termination of peace talks in 2010, due to the re-establishment of Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories.

In the letter, Abbas also said the terms, if the negotiations to proceed. However, last week, Israeli officials said Netanyahu would not grant the request of Abbas.

Earlier, Netanyahu has repeatedly rejected Abbas' demand. Therefore, the head of the Jewish State government wants to keep the peace negotiations without any reservation of Israel. He also promised Israel would make concessions if the Palestinians are ready to negotiate.

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