Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012

Man Declared Dead After Life Back

A man was pronounced dead after a car accident by paramedics Australia. However, it turns out he was still alive with a weak pulse is then received treatment in hospital and undergoing a remarkable period of healing, according to a report on Friday.

Daniel HUF (30) was trapped in the ruins of an inverted Porsche on the outskirts of Melbourne and was pronounced dead after being treated at the scene on April 1.

He reportedly fled in a car and still be in it for at least an hour until the police investigation and the EMTs arrived to evacuate the body they thought was dead but is alive with a weak pulse.

The Age newspaper said HUF left the hospital on Thursday.

"We know what happened to the HUF is a miracle and he can resume running, reading, speaking a few words, write a message and identify visitors," said his father.

"He was able to wear clothes and bathe himself."

Ambulance Victoria said it was investigating two paramedics who perform tasks well and with no visible trauma because of their mistakes.

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