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There was no body of the Whole

The third day of the search for survivors Superjet100 Sukhoi that crashed into a cliff on Mount Salak, Bogor, West Java, to fruition. A total of 12 bodies of passengers found Basarnas team assisted the police, military, and students.

Tribunnews journalists, Adi Suhendi, who joined the first group quest, Friday (11/5), reported, of the 12 bodies have been found, none was found in one piece.

"When we arrived, our first smell the sting from the right. We look, we saw bits of the plane. And to the right again, which we see is not dead yet, but pieces of bodies. I see, the lift, there are pieces of hand, foot , his skull is intact, and the nose hair, "said Ridwan.

"Then there were pieces of the aircraft, such as turning a small propeller. Everything is on the edge of cliffs and trees," said Judge Ridwan at the Main Post accident SS100, Livestock Embryo Center, Cipelang, Cijeruk, Bogor, on Friday afternoon.

Ridwan (20), Mapala member of Universitas Indonesia (UI), along with two colleagues, Komarun (20) and Kurniadi (21) was the first to arrive at a cliff top location Salak crashed Sukhoi I.

Ridwan said, on arrival at the site, Batutapak, Cidahu, he and two colleagues saw many pieces of the human body and the plane scattered on the edge of the cliff with a slope of about 85 degrees. Human body parts and aircraft also appeared hanging on a tree in a charred condition.

Ridwan less likely to admit there are still survivors. However, he could not confirm if all the passengers and crew were killed. For, not found a large part of the fuselage.

"Perhaps the magnitude of the plane that crashed some more. Since the position of the cliff into a ravine about 400 to 500 meters. We did not get to the bottom, due to lack of equipment cords," he explained.

Until yesterday, most of the aircraft debris was found is the tail section showing the logo of Sukhoi.

Ridwan and his two companions were members of the armed UI Mapala 2010. They along with several members of the Marines became the first group arrived at the location.

"We went from Loji Thursday at 13.00 pm. Had ngecamp (camping) at 18.00 am at an altitude of 2096. At 07.00, we continue the journey, until 10:15 pm location. Happened to us and gentlemen, is the first group of Marines who arrived at the location. And the three of us were at the forefront until the location, "said Ridwan.

Monitoring the Tribune in the field, Sukhoi aircraft broke into pieces. Pieces of aircraft spread from top to bottom as far as approximately 200 meter.Dari Salak Peak 3, no longer form the remaining aircraft. That looks just small pieces of the cliff slope

To reach the location of the joint SAR team direct access to the opening of the evacuation route through the peak of Salak is of course a greater distance because they have to play.

A policeman who was involved in the search, explaining that it takes to evacuate the rope so the team can reach a high cliff over 200 meters.

Information compiled Tribune, to reach the cliff opposite the Salak Peak 3, some teams have already moved from Cidahu and evacuating casualties.

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