Selasa, 08 Mei 2012

Obama will meet NATO Secretary General at the White House

President Barack Obama will meet NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, at the White House on May 9, the government said Monday.

"The two leaders will discuss the preparation of the final NATO summit in Chicago on 20-21 May," as reported by the U.S. in a statement.

The United States will continue to push for the modernization of NATO, deepen partnerships and complete withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan at a summit, White House officials said earlier.

The United States also hopes the summit, which will be held at the Obama home in Chicago, to highlight and deepen NATO's global partnerships.

There are about 130,000 foreign troops, mostly from NATO countries, 350 000 security personnel fought alongside Afghanistan in an effort to assist the Afghan government to quell the Taliban-led insurgency.

On Monday, Karzai (Afghan president) warned the commander of NATO and the U.S. ambassador that the civilian casualties in military operations will threaten the strategic agreement signed with the United States.

The agreement covers the relationship between the two countries after the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan in 2014.

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