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Prince Harry Amazed at the War Veteran

Prince of the Kingdom of England, Harry, expressing his admiration, to the veteran soldiers who were injured in their duties.

He expressed it when visiting in the annual Warrior Games, organized by the United States Olympic Committee (U.S.) and is followed by the wounded soldiers on the battlefield, in the U.S..

"Many were killed and many whose lives are changed forever because of injuries they experience," he said as quoted by the BBC, Tuesday (05/08/2012).

"We owe it to them to ensure that their families get what they need to undergo a tough day, and in time raised the hopes and spirit to fight back," he continued.

Harry also shows empathy and sympathy for the veterans, who have to endure the rigors of life, after mengambidkan himself to the state.

"For people remarkable that, after the guns silent, the roar of battle died down, then starts the real struggle, a struggle that will last their lifetime," he said.

But the service, veterans, he should be remembered, for giving contribution to the country. "They [the soldiers] have paid a heavy price to ensure the security and our sovereignty," he said.

Warior tournament games, this time held in Colorado, USA, and attended by more than 200 soldiers. Britain sent a contingent to the sport of fencing, bicycle, swimming, athletics and volleyball duduk.Pangeran Harry meets with British team, which is funded by the charity Help For Heroes, in the house Sir Peter Westmacott, British ambassador to the United States.

He then went to a hotel to represent her brother, the Duke of Cambridge, received the 2012 Atlantic Council awards for humanitarian service to the welfare of disabled and wounded soldiers on the battlefield.

Harry is patron charity Walking With The Wounded, and is a major supporter of charities for the soldiers and veterans ABF The Soldiers' Charity.

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