Senin, 14 Mei 2012

Team Russia Admits It weighs Field Mount Salak

Russian rescue teams involved in the evacuation operation of the aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100, acknowledge field of Mount Salak traveled quite heavy.

061/Suryakencana Military Commander, Col. Inf AM Putranto, say, before departure, between Russia and Indonesia to hold party meetings.

During the meeting, present commander of the situation and conditions in the field to members of the SAR.

"They showed us the pictures and recording SAR teams in the field. There, they admit, Mount Salak field is quite heavy," said the commander, after releasing Indonesia and Russia SAR team in control of operations at the village Post Cipelang, Cijeruk district, Bogor regency, Sunday.

Commander said, when shown photographs of the location and terrain conditions on Mount Salak, the Russian team was surprised to see the rough terrain.

"They were surprised at how rough terrain on the ground," said the commander.

According to the commander, the crash site Sukhoi Superjet 100 is located in a valley at a depth of 500 meters from an altitude of 2066 masl cliff.

To reach the valley, the team should be along the cliff with a slope of 85 degrees.

"Here the team moves like spiderman. They have clung to the rope and the roots to reach the valley floor within 500 meters," said the commander.

Commander said, the Russian team went through the land. They will be monitored by 10 teams and 10 teams Kopasus Police to make the climb.

Russian team in the team hotel (H) in order of number of teams that have been dispatched.

Russian team of 15 people departed at around 15:00 pm. However, less than an hour of two members of the team went home and returned to the post.

To two members of the Russian team named Alexi (29) and Alexandra (32). They claim to carry heavy loads that can not afford to continue the journey.

Both members are carrying heavy loads, a person carrying communication equipment that weighs approximately 45 kg. Not long after returning to the post, they were picked up by a team representative at the post near the helipad.

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