Sabtu, 12 Mei 2012

Allegedly Too Sloppy Sukhoi Pilot

Violation of permit requirements, among others, elevation is considered as the reason for the fall of the SSJ-100. Pilot honor and aviation security expert, Vladimir Gerasimov, expressed his confidence entirely because of the carelessness of the accident pilot.

"The jet crashed into a mountain," he said. "It means he's down lower than the safe limit. There is a minimum height for a smooth terrain, hilly terrain, and mountainous areas. If the jet to the wretched, mean height that violated no rules."

If the ruins are located at 1.5 km from the last point of communication with air traffic control - this means that only a few seconds of flight. "This means we are talking not about the plane, but about the pilot. This pilot error," he said.

An Indonesian pilot, who has flown over 33,000 hours, is also strongly believe the crash was caused by human error. "I can not help but ask myself, why the pilot requested to descend to 6,000 feet? It violates the minimum height clearance (minimum obstacle clearance altitude / MOCA). At that location, the minimum clearance is about 11,000 feet," said Ronny Rosnadi as quoted Russia Today.

"The plane was supposed to come down to a lower altitude when approaching a point just south of Pangandaran beach. That's a lot safer," he added.

Russia declared Rosnadi pilot may have been in unstable conditions while in flight. "He could be too trusting, or just tired," said former Merpati Nusantara Airlines pilot this.

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